At Digital Realism Studios, our team is dedicated to exploring novel and inventive approaches to deliver impactful work. With seasoned artistry, we take immense pride in fostering collaborative efforts to bring our clients’ visions to fruition. Our passionate team of artists consistently aims to surpass expectations and empower clients to dream ambitiously.

George T. Awwad
Founder | CGI & FX TD | Director

George’s expertise lies in crafting high-end visual effects and visuals for Film, TV, and Commercials. His proficiency extends to manipulating CG visual effects, including water, sand, destruction, and beyond. Additionally, George serve as the primary Cinematographer and assumes leadership in all aspects of post-production process.

Tuma G. Awwad
Co-Founder | Engineer

Tuma served as the lead engineer tasked with overseeing the design, construction, and electrical engineering of all Digital Realism premises and studios. Tuma left us on April 30, 2019, and his spirit of hard work and smart resolution stay with us all.

Aseel Z. Haddadin
Co-Founder | Production Manager

Aseel meticulously manages the production process from inception to completion, overseeing all aspects and orchestrating seamless coordination and management to guarantee optimal resource allocation at all times.

Rita T. Awwad
Artist | Painter | Concept Artist

Rita’s passion for creative art and drawing shines through in the concepts and paintings she delivers. Rita collaborates with us remotely from Germany, bringing her unique artistic vision to our projects.

Husam Al Muhisen
Production Manager | Actor

Hussam oversees the majority of Digital Realism Studios’ productions and efficiently coordinates filming activities to ensure ample resources are consistently available.

Jaffar S. Melhem
Videographer | Gaffer & AC | Editor

Jaffar’s dedication to media productions is evident in the exceptional quality of the pictures he produces. His portfolio speaks volumes, showcasing his awe-talent and expertise in the field.

Omar Shaheen
Author | Screenwriter | Actor

Omar’s profound passion for cinema and film permeates every aspect of his writing. As a seasoned author and screenwriter specializing in Film, TV, and Commercials, his expertise shines through in every word he crafts.

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