Original Implementation: Jan 01, 2020

Last modified on Feb 17, 2024 | Copyright © Digital Realism


The purpose of this Policy is to aid in protecting the environment and promote environmental stewardship among Digital Realism, studios, staff, students, and visitors. To achieve this purpose Digital Realism is committed to continuous environmental improvement and protection through training & inspection.

Digital Realism has primary responsibility for promulgating environmental health, safety, and risk management policies and procedures, to ensure that the studio complies with Jordanian, local, and international guidelines, as well as best management practices related to environmental compliance and protection. Program safety manuals and detailed safety procedures are set per project, site, and for all crews.

Digital Realism is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment, while continually seeking new ways to minimize the environmental impact of our past, present, and future activities. As a result of this continuous effort, Digital Realism always seek to find new ways and technologies that have the minimum impact on environment.


Digital Realism shall: (a) Ensure compliance with applicable Jordanian, local, and international environmental legislation, regulations, and best management practices. (b) Prevent pollution by managing and reducing water and energy consumption, air emissions, discharges to water, and contamination of soil and/or groundwater. (c) Facilitate employee and student awareness of environmental issues through education and training for further protection of the surrounding environment. (d) Promote and facilitate the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste. (e) Consider the impact on the environment when designing new projects and procedures or changing existing practices.


It is imperative that Digital Realism employees comply with Jordanian, local, and international environmental health, safety, and risk management legislation, and relevant environmental compliance and protection codes. In addition, it is essential that employees observe industry best practices and comply with Digital Realism safety policies, programs, and procedures. Noncompliance may result in disciplinary action.

A | Digital Realism has primary responsibility for administration of and compliance with this policy. Duties include:

1 | Ensure the most current legal environmental requirements are identified and evaluated for compliance.
2 | Establish, coordinate, and adhere to the environmental management programs outlined by local authorities.
3 | Provide training focused on protecting the environment and ensuring environmental compliance.
4 | Inspect Digital Realism studios and property for environmental compliance and protection, or in response to a notice of a possible violation. In carrying out this duty Digital Realism director or representative shall have the authority to enter any studio, structure, room, office, or site without prior notice.

B | Digital Realism employees must comply with the following guidelines and responsibilities:

1 | Comply with all permit requirements, regulations, programs, and procedures specified and described by Digital Realism.
2 | Attend environmental training courses and use required protective equipment provided by Digital Realism.
3 | Handle all waste in accordance with the Digital Realism waste manuals.
4 | Report environmental non-compliance issues or concerns through administrative channels or to the director of Digital Realism.

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